Full and Part Scholarships

We are aware that there are a number of people who would dearly love to attend Isira’s programs and are unable to because of financial circumstances. They dream about having the resources to attend each program, making plans and taking steps towards it. And then for whatever reason it doesn’t come to pass. Is this you?

For those who have a deep calling to be with Isira but do not have the financial means to attend programs with her, we offer a limited number of full and part scholarships for Isira’s retreat and 2 and 3 day programs held in and around Sydney (this does not include the Sacred Bali Retreat or the Sacred Pilgrimage into Central Australia with Isira).

A full scholarship is where no contribution is required. A part scholarship is where a financial contribution is made by the participant .

If you would like to apply for either a Full or Part Scholarship for any of Isira’s 2 and 3 day programs held in Sydney, please send us an email to livingawareness@isira.comby the Early Bird date of the program. In your email please let us know:

  • The program you would like to attend
  • What type of scholarship you are applying for (full or part)
  • Details of why you would like to attend this program and your financial circumstances.
  • If you are applying for a part scholarship please let us know how much you are willing to contribute towards the program.

All applications that meet the scholarship criteria will be eligible.  Prior to the program people will be selected and notified via email. Please check your emails at least a week prior to the event.

Scholarships are financed with funds generated through donations/contributions and fees at Isira’s events.

Why are we doing this?

Isira’s dream and passion is to support as many people as possible to awaken and live a more conscious life of greater awareness, peace, love and wellness – a life of true harmony. In doing this the world we all dream of will come to pass.

And, as many of you know, when you are in Isira’s presence, even for an hour, your heart opens to ‘unconditional love’ and you fall into the essence of who you truly are. We also know that if people have the opportunity to attend programs and step into that sacred place for two or three days, their life will change. They are able to experience greater awareness, peace and love.

Most weeks we become aware of people who would love to attend Isira’s programs but do not have the financial resources to do so. Others ask why do we charge for our programs, shouldn’t they be by donation?

The reality of living in the Western World is that there are many costs involved in running programs and running an organisation like Living Awareness. And, of course, Isira also needs to be supported in this world.

Isira constantly reminds us – we are energy, life is energy, the universe is energy and it is always flowing. Through opening up this opportunity, to receive and to give, we are creating energy flow in a way that can make a real difference to the world.

Giving to the World

Many of you may not be aware that Isira and Living Awareness is constantly giving in whatever ways we can. Here are some of the things we do:

  1. Offer full and part Scholarships to attend programs (ie people can attend for free or by contribution).
  2. Hold free events to support humanity and the world. In March we held the Natural Disasters Compassion Gathering.
  3. Offer concessions to students and concession holders
  4. Make it possible for everyone to come to Satsang/Conscious Forums even if they cannot afford the $30 contribution.
  5. Isira presents and speaks at various forums/events nationally and internationally. Eg Switzerland and France. And in Indonesia and Africa Isira delivers programs and gives her time gratuitously to “disadvantaged” groups. Generally expenses are paid for by Isira/ Living Awareness as part of her humanitarian and charitable commitment.
  6. Isira, over the years and ongoing, on many occasions provides personal consultations gratuitously.
  7. Isira writes and contributes articles to magazines and weekly inspirations/ blogs.
  8. Isira gives her time and energy in responding in detail to the many questions that come by email.
  9. An unknown fact about Isira, is that wherever Isira is, in the everyday world, she gives of her energy and time – as people are drawn to her, so she gives… In the world, there is never a time she is not giving – words of compassion, a hug, a look, wise counsel, a smile, laughter, the energy of love, empathy… to the train guard, the taxi driver, the person at the cash register, the attendant…
  10. And we, as an organisation, are constantly asked to give in other ways. At this time we may not always be able to say yes to free services – due to the financial requirements of running the organisation – but we have the intention and vision of saying yes in the future.

Our invitation

So our inviting question is: Will you join us in stepping into your power?

Will you acknowledge where you are right now in your life and what you dream of?

If this means contributing so that others can attend Isira’s programs, please let us know. Click here for details on how you can do this.

If this means attending Isira’s programs, and you don’t have the resources, please let us know by sending us an email with all the details we outlined in the fourth paragraph of this page.

Together, we can make a difference in this world.

Click here to contribute so others can come to Isira’s Programs