Frequently asked questions

Below are common questions that may arise during programs, satsangs and conscious forums, due to the nature of the mind, and responses given by Isira.

Why is Isira sitting up on a chair or a small stage or platform?

“ … The mind might question ‘Why is Isira sitting up on a chair, on small stage or platform at the front of the room?  Is she sitting up there above us? Higher than us? Are we to be lower than her? Is she being put up on a pedestal? Are we at Isira’s feet? Is it guru worship? …

…Quite simply, No. This is just a practical strategy, so I can see all of your beautiful faces”.

Why is Isira looking at me?

“ … when I look into you, you may feel good, different or uncomfortable. We come together to really engage with each other in truth, to really connect with each other, to truly see, and to be truly seen. I am inviting you into the space of truly connecting… I am looking with you, acknowledging you, purely in the moment, as love.”

Why does Isira put her hands together and say Namaste ?

“I’m simply establishing the honouring of the deep centre, what it means for us to connect with our inner being, what it means for me to make myself as an instrument, to invite you into that space where I can actually serve you, as an instrument for that heart connection, for opening your heart … and my intention in that moment  … . ‘May I simply be, give and share with you, what is going to best serve you now’, that is what it means for me.”

What does Namaste mean?

“For me Namaste is a word that most closely expresses the honouring of why we are here, in its translation it means ‘The God within me, meets, sees and acknowledges the God within you’ …. I look at you with that honour and respect”

Why is Isira usually dressed in white flowing clothing and shawls?

“You might see me with a few shawls on, a long skirt, and typically white, gold or cream.

‘What’s that all about ?’

My most natural mode of living is in Stillness, silence, and sacred connection, so generally speaking I wear flowing clothes, a shawl, is open and I don’t get hot or cold, I can take it off … or on easily, it’s practical.

For me it simply corresponds with openness, flow, relaxation. It just ‘is’ the natural expression for ‘me’.

For some people that most natural expression could be anything. … A yoga master wears a version of loose flowing clothes. Do we question that? No, we simply recognise it serves that expression.

Now if you invited me to run a marathon or ride 70km’s a week….do you think I’m going to turn up dressed like this? ….. No, I’m going to turn up in a pair of joggers.

Does this mean I have to wear certain clothes or dress like Isira to come to programs ?

“ …  I do encourage looser flowing clothes, because it will help you to relax into a different level with your being. I’m not saying you need to conform to anything … I’m simply saying be comfortable. But most of all,  be your natural flowing self.”

Why doesn’t Isira wear shoes?

“I also walk up here without my shoes on. Where have I left them? Why don’t I have shoes on? I’ve left them at the door. Why do many spiritual circles and cultures adopt that ritual? …. Why do I do that?

Because this is about leaving behind the things that go on in daily life. This is about letting go of those expressions, of those vibrations, putting them aside, so that we can reconnect with our sacred self – so that we can reconnect with our inner being … The truth is, very sadly, most people have lost that sense of deeper connection …. , so it can seem very strange for us to re-adopt that state. But really it is a simple practice that helps us reconnect with the deeper essence of our self and life.

You see, all of these ‘practices’ really do have a purpose, they are adopted because they facilitate a deeper connection.”

What is Isira’s invitation?

“I am here to invite you into that deep sacred centre of your being. There are plenty of people to go to the picnic with, to go running with, there are plenty of opportunities to walk around the mall (shopping centre), there are plenty of opportunities to get up and dance and sing. There are less opportunities to really enter into a liberating experience. This opportunity is very precious, because it leads you to what you truly seek.

Our eternal self, our conscious self is what we make contact with when we become still, … the eternal essence of our self, the completely liberated awareness that we are, its energy, its joy, its love, its wisdom. We reunite with this when we rest deeply into the moment of now, into true presence. I happen to be here as ‘this’ expression, so I am going to invite you into this opportunity.

And what is happening when we rest into the moment of now?

We are breathing in a different way, we’ve let go of the questions of the mind and we’ve opened every one of our senses to what is happening utterly here in this moment. We are not trying to find answers or to explain it, we are just allowing our self to be so completely present and aware … with this moment.”

Does this mean that I have to do, be, say, act, in a certain way?

“ Come freely, go freely, there is no bondage here, there is no tie, no expectation, no conforming, there is no giving over, there is no ‘have to’ ‘need to’ ‘should do’ at all. This is simply the opportunity for ‘you’ to experience that sacred centre and to know that you are embraced completely as your natural self.

If you can put all these other surface things, these other superficial questions to peace, just let them fall away and just open yourself to what this space is about you will be able to draw out of it what it truly means for you. You will be able to connect with what it means when I invite you into this space, and I say Namaste to you. It’s not me saying you need me …. That is me saying, We, You, The Self, is this presence, let us be with it.”

What might be the personal benefit for me in attending programs with Isira?

“ So what happens when you just allow this space for dropping into the centre? Just allowing yourself to become this presence? This centred open awareness? Just stillness? Just being fully here in this moment? What happens?

No matter who we are, no matter where we’re from, there is a sense of lightness that emerges, there is a sense of peace that emerges, sometimes insight, inspiration emerges. Maybe forgiveness comes, maybe acceptance comes, maybe judgment drops away. Maybe just beingness is felt. Maybe you realize how eternal you are. There are so many qualities that naturally arise when we do allow ourselves the space to become very deeply centred. The more we nurture this in our life, the more we can draw from this state and the greater the gifts are. We are able to make contact with the wise self that we are. We are able to drop the resistance we have to our divine self. We’re able to feel the perfection of our being, the perfection of life and we’re able to show up and be seen as that.”

At the conclusion of programs there is often the opportunity to receive the transmission of love and blessing through a personal meeting with Isira. What does this mean?

“… When it comes to the end and you are invited for a moment to come and share directly, this is simply the opportunity to make contact, in just this little moment with pure love, unconditional love, consciousness,  just exchanging. My only intention is to give that to you, not for you to come and bow down to me, (or) to worship me. We are here to honour our sacred self and that is equally in every single one of us.”